Papal XVI

© Claude Savona

Whilst covering The Pope’s visit last weekend, I met a few very interesting people; a few too many over enthusiatic pilgrims, quit a few protesters, amongs them many women asserting their rights in the Church. A Sikh guy who was very courageously, with a smile imprinted on his face, standing there whilst dedicated Catholics screamed slander to his face.

I also met this older woman, holding a little banner and pushing her trolley, she stopped me to ask if I was a member of the press, after a while I could see that this woman, who was maybe German or so, had been through a hard time, she seemed exhausted from a long day of rallying, and also from the few words she managed to utter, seemed to have experienced a major trauma in her life. Unfortunately she was too exhausted and hungry to go on with her story, and decided to give in. Then I let her go, with much regret now, but what could have I done better then>?


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